Saving energy

The Zöllner insulation glazing consists of two or three panes filled with premium glass in between. The panes are given superior insulation to ensure top energy values. The combination of wood and aluminium enables endless freedom when it comes to choosing shape and colour, completely in accordance with customer wishes.
Robust material, excellent insulation, and a guaranteed cosy room temperature are the distinguishing features of the Zöllner wood-aluminium windows.

Anti-sun glasssonnenschutzglas

Heat builds up inside houses in the Middle East, California and other hot parts of the world. Our anti-sun glass keeps indoor temperatures low, warding off around 50 to 80 percent of the sun’s energy. The glass repels the sunrays using a thin, metal coating, which is non-reflective and virtually invisible.
The windows can also be protected with blinds or awnings if necessary. Exterior solutions are the most effective way to keep the sun’s heat away.

Sound-proofing glass

The multi-purpose double and triple insulation glazing with sound-proofing protects against unwanted noise, thereby increasing quality of life. Small children are not woken by external sounds at night or in the early morning. Parents know all too well what happens when children are woken by outside noise.


Safety glasssicherheitsglas

Protecting people and objects is becoming increasingly important. The composite safety glass sees the individual panes joined using PVB film, ensuring the glass remains intact even when force is applied. A glass break sensor can also be integrated, which sets off an alarm when the pane is smashed.

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